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Volleyball is played in South China in Spring Festival

Volleyball is played in South China in Spring Festival

The Residents of Wenchang City Played Volleyball:

A local custom local tradition, the residents of Wenchang City, south China’s Hainan Province, c in celebration of The Spring Festival this year.

Volleyball is an extremely popular game throughout Hainan. There were a series of games set to start ahead of it was time for the Spring Festival and will go through until Lantern Festival, which falls on February 24, this year.On the Tuesday of this week, a captivating match between two teams from town, Jinshan and Gongpo, concluded with cheers of excitement by the spectators. The teams were named in honor of the regional specialties from their respective towns, including Jerky made of beef in Jinshan and fragrant rice in Gongpo.

Volley Ball
Volley Ball

A Team That Scored 15 Points The First Time:

The Wenchang residents Wenchang make it more enjoyable playing volleyball during games by using chairs to sit in the courts. This unconventional method to play didn’t stop the players from serving, throwing or obstructing the ball. It was an arrangement of 3×3. A team that scored 15 points the first time would be victorious.

The Wenchang tradition was a draw for visitors from all over the world. In addition to enjoying the games, they also went to the temple fair which was located just 100 meters from the arena.

Hainan is among the main sources of coconuts in China. This is why locals are adept at creating products made out of the fruit, such as the juice, candies, and other pastries. Coconut carving has been included in China’s official list of intangible cultural heritage.

Volley ball
Volley ball

China Media Group (CMG) Has Signed Strategic:

The popularity of countryside sports has increased well-known across China in recent times. China Media Group (CMG) has signed strategic alliances together with Village Basketball Association (VBA) in Rongjiang County in China’s southwest, Guizhou Province, as well as the Village Super League (VSL) located in Taijiang County of Guizhou on December 30th, 2023.

The Village Basketball Association and the Village Super League of football were a hit both nationally as well as internationally. They did not just draw greater attention to the two counties, and also the province but also encouraged the local economy. By 2023, alone it was reported that there had been more than 12 million tourists visiting both counties. Total tourist incomes for the county exceed 15 billion yuan (about $2.1 billion).

(Cover image): Players play volleyball in celebration of Spring Festival in Wenchang, the south of china’s Hainan Province, January 12 20, 2024. /CFP)


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